Neck - Face

relaxation, relief, euphoria

The therapist focuses exclusively on the Neck and the Face. At this massage, we meet the element of "energy balance" after working on specific "energy pathways" that turn away the "bad" energy that is responsible for the stress and headaches.

Our goal is the relief from headaches, migraines, cervical syndrome, improve the nervous system and treat insomnia.

Tips: A health problem can not be treated without consulting a doctor first, but a complementary massage is able to limit the pain and other symptoms .

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Where: Massage Room

Duration: 20'

Cost: 22€

Add Ons


Say yes to the sauna and take advantage of all the benefits! Besides being an affordable luxury and an integral part of wellness, sauna has many beneficial effects on our body. 

Price: 10,00 euro

Basic Hammam

Enjoy all the benefits of the hammam, pampering yourself with the supplies we will give you

Price: 25,00 euro

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