Neck, Back, Waist

unique sense of pleasure and rejuvenation in the neck, back, waist

The working hours, the modern lifestyle, the wrong body posture help the development of a stiff neck, pain in the shoulders and headaches. This treatment is strong and effective for the body areas that are prone to rigidity and accumulated stress due to the specialised technique comprising deep tissue pressures to the muscle to relax, detoxify and release tension from grips and chronic muscle diseases, activating circulation at the same time.

The Neck, Back, Waist massage is therapeutic for all those suffering from chronic muscle cramps and grips as well as athletes. This indulging massage treats the pain, the joint stiffness and restore muscles elasticity.

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Where: Massage Room

Duration: 25'

Cost: 25€

Add Ons


Say yes to the sauna and take advantage of all the benefits! Besides being an affordable luxury and an integral part of wellness, sauna has many beneficial effects on our body. 

Price: 10,00 euro

Basic Hammam

Enjoy all the benefits of the hammam, pampering yourself with the supplies we will give you

Price: 25,00 euro

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