restore the perfect balance in your body

Reflexology is a method of alternative medicine based on the application of specific pressures and compressions in the sole and heel of the foot. It isn't a simple type of massage, instead it focuses on specific body areas (soles, palms, ear lobes), which correspond to internal organs of the human body and affect them in a beneficial way. At the sole, there are 7,200 nerve endings from every part of our body, so specific pressures cause a "reflex" stimulus at each point and organ of the body separately.

The result is a stimulation of the nervous and defense system of the body in a totally natural method without the use of drugs and without the possibility of any side effects.

If you want to try a natural therapy such as reflexology, the problems it can treat and even cure are:

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Muscle Eelaxation
  3. Improvement of Blood Circulation
  4. Detoxification and Cleaning
  5. Balances the Body Energy

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Where: Massage Room

Duration: 40'

Cost: 37€

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Say yes to the sauna and take advantage of all the benefits! Besides being an affordable luxury and an integral part of wellness, sauna has many beneficial effects on our body. 

Price: 10,00 euro

Basic Hammam

Enjoy all the benefits of the hammam, pampering yourself with the supplies we will give you

Price: 25,00 euro

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