Basic Hammam

enjoy all the benefits of the Hammam, pampering yourself with the supplies we will give you

The Basic Hammam or Turkish Bath is the oriental version of the steam bath and is considered the wet version of the sauna but with milder temperature, 390-420.

The heat helps unclog the pores and eliminate the toxins. It has excellent result for blood circulation and metabolism, after the hammam the skin is clean, fresh and looks younger. The hammam has a therapeutic effect on the central neurotic system, and has a relaxing and toning action. The humidity decreases the tension in the muscles and increases calmness and well-being feeling.

Your relaxing experience starts with your stay in the humid and hot marble room (hammam) with the running water, the traditional basins and the large marble heated bench, where you will lie down pampering yourself with all the supplies we will give you (kesa glove and olive oil soap).

This traditional ritual ends with the necessary relaxation at the comfortable lounge where we offer you the aromatic oriental tea and a Turkish delight.

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Where: Hammam

Duration: up to 90'

Cost: 25€

Add Ons

Hair Wash & Mask

Revive your hair with a relaxing hair wash and strengthening mask 

Price: 7 euro

Black Morrocan Soap Mask

An excellent detoxifying mask for natural exfoliation of the skin

Price: 9 euros

Body Moisturizing

The body hydration is the most basic step for soft skin

Price: 9 euro


1. Your stay in the hammam is recommended for 60 '- 90' min.

2. Elderly people and those with serious health problems should have the consent of the attending doctor and should report before entering the hammam.

3. Hammam is not recommended for pregnant women and people with heart problems hypertension, hypotension, thrombosis, epilepsy etc. or contagious diseases.

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