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In case you are looking for a special joint marketing campaign with POLIS HAMMAM, please contact us to explore all the possibilities. Please feel free to download our services brochure here or fill out our contact form for more information about what we can do for you.

Corporate parties

Looking for team building activities for your employees? Select POLIS HAMMAM for your corporate party, give your business the prestige it deserves and meet perfectly the modern communication needs. Our experience enables us to design your corporate event with professionalism. Our high standards are the guarantee for a successful event.

Most companies do think that a Turkish bath or a massage can benefit the business. But when you understand the physical and emotional value offered, you will realise that giving your employees relaxation activities is an exceptional business move. There are multiple studies and surveys showing that happy employees are more productive. Check the benefits of an hour of relax that will greatly contribute to your business:

  • Uplifts mood and reduces anxiety
  • Increases the energy of the employee
  • Enhances concetration
  • Provides incentive for productivity
  • Improves morale and confidence in the workplace
  • Stengthens the immune system
  • Reduces headaches and eyestrain
  • Long-term economic benefits for the company 
  • Reduces headaches and eyestrain
  • It has long-term economic benefits for the company

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