meet the benefits of the sauna

The Sauna is beneficial for a healthy body apart from the weight loss and detoxification to pain relieve and cardiovascular risk reduction. Blood vessels expand and increase blood flow keeping the tissues in good condition and limiting the microorganism populations.

Also sauna is beneficial to the nervous system and the circulation, while the sweating and functions within the body speed up the metabolism and cleanse the organs and skin.

If you have a health problem, first ask your doctor before you try it. Howeve, experts point out that those who are easily dehydrated or have low blood pressure, can be dizzy or faint in a hot sauna while alcohol drinking is inappropriate before you get into it. Instead, the sauna benefits those who have high blood pressure, because the pressure drops, as shown in studies.

Contraindications: Persons suffering from asthma, rheumatism, kidney disease, inflammation and coronary heart failure problems, flu infections, high blood pressure.

Tip: Combine Sauna with a beneficial full body Aritma Polis massage  or an Huzur massage  for maximum effect.  

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Where: Sauna

Duration: up to 60'

Cost: 13€ - Combined with other services 10€

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