traditional Chinese medicine with cups

Treatment with cupping has a long and glorious history. It has been used worldwide since ancient times and was part of the medicine in Europe by 1900.

Therapy with Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice for thousands of years as it started as adjunctive method in Chinese traditional surgery, but its effectiveness in many diseases triggered its development as an independent therapeutic method.

Today, it is used as treatment for painful musculoskeletal syndromes, asthma, common cold, chronic cough, indigestion and dermatological conditions.

During the treatment, a cup is adhered to the skin after reducing its pressure, so that the skin and the muscles are pulled and held in the cup. In some cases, the cup can be moved while the suction of the skin is still active, causing a local pulling of the skin and muscle.


Cupping activates the lymphatic system, the blockages at colon, cleans the veins, arteries and capillaries. Also, it acts against the cold, reduces swelling and pain, solves adhesions. It is used in rheumatic-arthritic pain, chronic waist pain, dysmenorrhea, respiratory disorders (cough-cold, asthma) and gastrointestinal (stomach-nausea-indigestion).


High fever, coma, fainting condition, severe cramps, ulcers, allergic - skin reactions, in areas with very delicate and sensitive to haematomas skin, bone, breast, heart area, main blood vessels, during pregnancy and in extreme energy shortage.


After the treatment a redness appears on the skin and a circular mark from the suction grip which will disappear approximately after 10 days. During summer, we recommend the treatment to end a week before holidays unless you don't care about the marks from the cups. The first marks are more intense but in subsequent sessions are less obvious. The maximum effect will be seen after 5-10 sessions.


  • You should have eaten light two hours before the treatment.
  • Afterwards, you should be dressed warm in order not to get a cold. 
  • After the treatment you must wear clean clothes and keep the area clean. 

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Where: Massage Room

Duration: 30'

Cost: 25€

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