The Story of Hammam

A «scent» of East exudes Polis Hammam and a journey in the Ottoman history begins where legends and reality become one. 

But what is the Hammam for all those who do not know... however the elders definitely remember and reminisce ...

Hammam is a timeless value as many centuries since its creation, still continues to be first in people's preferences and attracts all those who desire health and wellness along with a journey of all senses through time. 

From the past, Turkish baths played an important role in shaping the culture as they were meeting points for social gatherings, body and soul purification, relaxation but also pursued the practical cleansing needs because only few homes had bath amenities.

The baths were the first buildings that the Ottoman Turks constructed in a city as it was an important aspect of everyday life of the inhabitants. Of course, the hammam was not discovered by the Ottomans as baths existed since Greek and Roman times and the Byzantine Empire.

 For many years, the tradition of the hammam was integrated into the multicultural mosaic of Greece and was essential in the everyday life of its citizens.

 Then the modernization and the Western lifestyle came and memories, values and traditions faded dragging along the hammam too. 

Today, the metality of the hammam charms most people as it is an escape from everyday life. In Polis Hammamyou will find the traditional authentic marble hot room with the impressive dome, the polygonal marble bench, the carved basins with the running water, the traditional fountains, where the ritual of the Authentic Turkish bath, takes place, along with all the traditional clothes and materials and of course, the necessary rest in the special room with the traditional tea, the Turkish delight, the spoon sweets, the fresh juices and... the hookahs. 

We welcome you to a magic world, to an exquisite experience at Polis Hammam,     an oasis of serenity, tranquility and relax.