Welcome to Polis Hamamm

Welcome to Polis Hammam, a place where time stands still and everyday life fades out. Here you will discover an oasis of serenity and tranquility where your inner energy and your outer glow will regenerate.

Trust your wellness to our specialized therapists, who will help you to develop your customized treatment programme for maximum relaxation from a wide range of exclusive hammam and massage rituals, bespoke facials and effective body treatments.

The Team of Polis Hammam wishes you a memorable experience! We are always close to you to happily accompany you along this mystic journey to time. Please don’t hesitate to ask anything that will make your visit to Polis Hammam more exquisite. 

Polis Hammam Profile

Since the Greco-Roman era and afterwards their combination with the Ottoman bathing tradition - cleaning – purification of the body and the soul, wellness, beauty, relaxation and cleanliness are integral elements of the human nature along the centuries.

In light of these elements combined with the history of Thessaloniki, its tradition and versatility, we envisioned and revived the authentic traditional hammam. Having many years of experience in the services industry, we created the traditional authentic Turkish bath in a special-boutique space in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki and a concept hammam in the historical center of Athens in Psirri area. The architectural office MAS - Makridis Associates complied with all the specifications of a modern hamam architecturally as well as of the classical operation and use of the Turkish baths, contributing to the creation of the luxurious construction in the 6-8 Avliton Str in Psiri drawing inspiration, among others, of Zaha Hadid's philosophy.

After extensive research, collaborations and influences from Istanbul, with adherence to the hammam traditions and a unique “blend” of many other quality services adapted to modern life, we manage our guests to experience a journey in time.

"Polis Hammam is the Authentic Traditional Turkish Hammam where you experience a journey back in the past while is adapted to all modern amenities and facilities."

The authentic-traditional hammam is timeless as for many centuries since its creation, still continues to be on the top of the people’s choices and attracts everyone that desires health and wellness with a journey of all senses in time.


The visiting-initiation in the Turkish hammam is not only beneficial for the circulatory, nervous and respiratory system.

It's the philosophy of absolute wellness, rejuvenation, and escape from daily life. 

A "dip" at our inner world and the lost values of life. 

At Polis Hammam, your body care and the relaxation of your mind is always our priority along with the mystical atmosphere of the oriental baths, the cleanliness, the professionalism and our bespoke services.

The hammam with its imposing dome, the warm marble bench at the center and the traditional basins with the running water around, tranfer our guests to another era with a strong Eastern touch. A delightful getaway from everyday life.

The traditional hammam ritual includes a deep exfoliation, a beneficial soap massage and a relaxing hair wash. Later, you rest at our lounge to offer you the traditional tea with a Turkish delight. 

Are you thinking of a better way to end your day or start your evening? It's the most precious gift to pamper yourself and your loved ones.  

For all of us, the company and our partners, the philosophy of the continuous staff training, the quality products, the bespoke services and the building of strong ties along with the complete satisfaction of our guests, is our vision and mission.

Our aim is the greater development of the Polis Hammam network through selected partnerships and alliances to specific areas as all people deserve a better quality in their lives.

All our services are provided by appointment, otherwise the service is only possible as long as there is availability.