POLIS HAMMAM, after its impressive growth, has developed an Integrated Franchise System based on differentiated features that add innovative value to each licensee.

An original and unique concept, without competition that addresses to most of the markets and ensures high profitability. The hammam is a timeless value as many centuries after its creation, still continues to be first in people's preferences and attracts all those who desire health and wellness.

Your incorporation to the trustworthy Franchise Network of Polis Hammam is a prestigious investment as the brand name is inextricably linked with high quality services, excellent know-how and long professional experience. The training, the support and the guidance of the qualified team and the measurable financial performance of the first pilot store guarantee the short-term return on investment.  

  1. Lack of Competition: There is no equivalent or similar business, therefore you are the monopoly in your area. 
  2. Innovation: Original & unique concept.
  3. Wide Target Market: We address to the majority of the market, men and women aged 18-65.
  4. High Profilatbility: You present revenues and profits from the first month.
  5. Short-term Depreciation: The depreciation is estimated from 14 up to 18 months approximately. 
  6. Secure Investment: The operating costs are covered by the revenues even from the the first month of operation.
  7. Future Proof: It is a concept that for centuries still continues to be first in the people's preferences for wellbeing.
  8. Profitable Contract Terms: We seek serious partners who will join the family of Polis Hammam as we our aim the sound development of our network. 
  9. Support & Guidance: During our partnership, we provide full support, intensive guidance and continuous training. 
  10. Multiple Sources of Profitability through additional services & products. 

The Suitable Franchisee

The Polis Hammam is looking for serious partners in major urban centers and cities with high touristic traffic in Greece and abroad. Entrepreneurship, diligence, kindness, communication abilities and eager to work personalities are the desirable traits for a successful partnership.

The Polis Hammam is the perfect partner for any entrepreneur as it offers the opportunity for a secure and sound business with immediate profitability and short-term depreciation of the capital investment.

For more information about the company, please send an email to:

For information about the Development of Polis Hammam Franchise System, please contact Manager's Office, Telephone: 210 9533377, 2310 523913