Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Polis Hammam!

In order to ensure for all our guests a comfortable, safe and relaxing experience during their visit to our site, we urge you to respect the following Terms & Conditions.

To enhance your authentic Polis Hammam experience, we kindly request to read the following:

  1. BOOKING: We highly recommend that you book well in advance. Last minute bookings or passers are always welcome but their conveniece depends on the availability of the appointments. Group bookings and special events should be planned as soon as possible and 50% deposit is required as a guarantee for the appointment. Children less than 18 years must be accompanied by their parents. Please be sure about your program when you schedule a reservation and be aware of the Cancellation Policy to avoid unnecessary charges. 
  2. ARRIVAL TIME: To enjoy every moment of your experience we recommend guests arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointment time, especially if it's their first visit to Polis Hammam as you will be asked to complete a brief lifestyle elemental questionnaire. Please understand that late arrival will not receive an extension from the scheduled time.
  3. CANCELLATION FEE: If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please show your respect to your therapist and guests on the waiting list! We kindly request all guests to notify the reception 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the full amount. There is no charge for cancellations at least 24 hours before the appointment. In case you cancel or change your appointment less than 24 hours from your appointment, there is charge 50% of the value of your treatment. No cancellation and no attendace, will be charged at the full cost of the value of your treatment, especially when then appointment is on the weekend, holidays and peak time. For group bookings of 5 people or more, the cancellation must be done before 48 hours.
  4. LATE ARRIVAL: If a guest should arrive late, we regret that while therapists will make every endeavour to deliver the full treatment time, a late arrival may reduce the time available for your treatment without reducing the price.
  5. YOUR HEALTH & COMFORT: To avoid any disappointment, please notify us of any medical health problems when booking your appointment as it is your responsibility. If you feel unwell, please let us know as soon as possible to schedule your appointment again. If you are pregnant, please ask your doctor first and then let us recommend you the most appropriate treatment.
  6. GUIDANCE: Please respect the time limits of your treatment. Hammam treatments are specially designed and personalised for your convenience. In this context, we ask you to follow your therapist's advice during your visit to POLIS HAMMAM.
  7. VALUABLES: The POLIS HAMMAM provides a personal locker for your belongings but doesn't accept any responsiblility for any loss. Please, leave your valuables at home and place the rest to your personal cabinet and then lock it. After your treatment, please give the key at the reception. At POLIS HAMMAM there are separate changing rooms for men and women and we offer flip flops, pestemals (towels) for the hammam.
  8. TRANQUILITY: The Hammam environment is one of tranquility and serenity, therefore, we ask your cooperation. Please respect all guests' right to of privacy and serenity, therefore we kindly request to turn off or put in mute function your mobile phone and speak softly. This will enhance the overall experience for yourself and the other guests.
  9. COMFORT: Leave all your stress and worries. For extra comfort, please wear your swimsuit or your POLIS HAMAMM will provide you a disposable underwear (bottoms only). We urge you to remove jewelry and make-up before the treatment.
  10. EXPOSURE: Please do not expose your body with no reason as there are other guests too. If the towel (pestemal) does not provide you with adequate coverage, please do not hesitate to ask for help. Our therapists are trained to ensure that your body is properly covered and partially exposed only when you receive any treatment.
  11. EMOTIONS: Please feel free and inform your therapist during your treatment how you feel, especially if you feel uncomfortable or something is bothering you. Your feedback will allow the therapist to adjust the treatment according to your preferences.
  12. SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited in POLIS HAMMAM.

Thank you for your cooperation!