100% cotton.

 Authentic Ottoman towel, large in size,
 but very thin and absorbent. It dries instantly.
 Ideal for bath, beach, boat, spa,hamam,gym
 and travel (not taking up space & weight).
 At great prices. 


Turkish authentic and traditional. 
100% cotton - ultrafine
and highly absorbent
Ideal for light weight in baggage.


Perfectly natural. Ideal for exfoliating (peeling).
Remove dead skin cells, acne,
blackheads pores and cellulite.
For a smooth and soft skin, full of health.


Soaps from pure olive oil .
They clean and nourish the skin
without irritating, because they have no chemicals.
In plate and pouch as a gift box.


Therapeutic volcanic mud, combined with refreshing sea salt 
perfect for individual skin peeling.
Cleanses, nourishes, moisturizes, rejuvenates the skin
and enhances fat burning locally.
Bottle with gift box.